Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from Richard and I  and of course Walt Dog and the Puffin.

Although we have been quiet we have not been idle. New Year will bring a new range (secret at the moment) We will be looking at taking on some new fairs as well so if you have a favourite show please let us know.

The camper is going to need some work on it to keep the show on the road so we will also be holding some January Sales for the great fund raiser. Keep your eye on our Etsy, Facebook and Ebid 

Our commissions book is closed for this year @ Puffin Design but is already filling up nicely for the New Year. We can take your measurements , photos or real life rooms and make your shelving, furniture to fit. Mostly 1:12th and !:16th bur have started working in 1:24th . You only pay if satisfied with the photos of the finished item so go on challenge us.

Hope you all get what you are looking for at Christmas and all the Best for 2018. Last Weekend Of Holiday Parties!! Special Thank You - Xceptional with Merry Christmas Thank You Message


Is it Christmas soon?

That is when my next planned day off is.

After the Pudsey Show we have been so busy. We keep making lists but every time we cross something off we have to add 2. So what is it that is keeping us occupied? Orders for Spain and America is one of them. Most of the Americans like their items made up as opposed to kits.

Working on the new price increases. With the cost of raw materials shooting up we have had review all our prices. We have not put them up in 3 years and have had a bit of a shock as to how little our mark up was. It is difficult adding a percentage increase as some items will stand the increase and some won’t. Do we take those items off our catalogue? Where can we add value for our customers? It is a minefield that has to be gone through.

We have also had an addition to our family with a Grandson Frederick . Only seen him once in the 3 weeks he has been born so that is a priority.

Also we have needed to stock our Etsy Shop with handmade Christmas Box, Cake Cabinet, Flowers and Christmas Decs in Real size.

We will be at Bempton Village Hall on Sunday 19th . This will give us chance to show our ‘non mini’ items for Christmas.

Hope we will see some of you there.

Right back to work …


We decided to have a break than Miniatua for 2 days. It was fab actually having time to see everyone and view the fantastic miniatures on offer. Also to spend time with other stall holders. When we are showing we never get time to really have a natter. Bus man’s holiday you might think but a night out with some of of fab customers showed we have friends who are like minded. Great night. As one quoted ‘ What happens at Holiday Inn stays at Holiday Inn. ‘

I also managed to buy for my own dolls house from some of my Favourites. Just Ann and Bill were showing for the last time before their retirement, so I had to get some of the Clarice Cliff range. Some of the other favourites are Smallsorts , Glasscraft, Victoria Frasken and the wonderful Mike Sparrow. But so much to see and too much to buy. miniatura my haul

Crab Pot Models and Puffin Design will be showing at Leeds Dolls House Fair so the work begins to get all the new products ready and price up all the pre-loved. pdsey 2017

Come and have a look at these and other new items available as made up or kit.

Head Down Sales Up

For the first time since we started I am having to stack my order book. It’s all thanks to you all and our friends in America.

As well as some commissions which have been challenging but good,  our new ‘made up ‘ service seems to be a big hit in America. That and the exchange rate I suppose. It has mostly been on Etsy  But we are also getting referrals from Facebook. All is good. My book goes un-read and the garden un-dug. Hey ho.

Been playing about with new designs as well. There are more half drawn.

It is great when you get customer pictures. Contact me if interested and I let you know where they are available.

Stafford Dolls House Fair

A bit of a late decision but I am glad we decided. Yes we will be showing at Stafford Dolls House Fair on the 3rd September. We were going to give it a miss to concentrate on the new items ready for Pudsey, but we can’t keep away. stafford

We are very happy to have gained another trade customer this month . Not only because it gives us a boost , but to see the wonderful things she has been doing with the blanks we supply. I could not believe they started out as cut outs. More on this after their launch.

We have a couple of clearances on our FB page that have proven very popular. New items of course will be put onto our Etsy Shop

Hope to see as many as possible at Stafford.

SALE making way for new products

We launched a sale on our Facebook Page to clear some of the kits and made up display items from our regular range. The kits will still be available through Etsy but we are making room for new items for the shows and to reflect our continuing additions .

We are also offering a ‘made up’ service on our kits. These again will be available on the Etsy shop. Not everyone wants to spend time making kits up .

Commissions are increasing as well. If there is anything you want making to ‘fit’ or that you can not find on general listings, let us know and we can price it for you and work with you to design exactly what you want.

pew21 These started as a commission and are now available in kit form, made up and in 2 sizes.

In the design stage at the moment are a smaller chiller cabinet , Larger menu boards, Art Deco Mirrors, Mackintosh Table to match the chairs and shop fitments. Is there anything you would like to see in the range. Please let me know.

So we have until Leeds Dolls House Fair at Pudsey to get the new displays sorted. With everything happening I bet that comes around very quickly.


Cleveland Dolls House Fair

We have been so busy prepping for this fair, sorry I haven’t been on here. We have packed loads into our van for Cleveland Dolls House Fair . We have DIY clearance, Glues Paints, Carpets, & Wallpaper. We have pre-loved and handmade furniture. We have books, Dolls, Babies and Hand knit. Also boxes and boxes of small bag bargains to fill any room or garden. Hope to see you there

We also completed a commission that I am so pleased with it will be available in kit form. Church Pews in 2 sizes complete with church mouse.

So setting off now. If we haven’t packed it , it isn’t going. No more room.

What’s New June

Yorks Dolls House Fair went well and it really was great to see everyone we deal with on-line. Some happy faces when they picked up thier commissions as well, which is always nice to see.

The new Mackintosh range has been going well DSCF2711 So what is new this month? Still working on some trade commissions which I can not reviel until they go ‘live’ at Miniatura. We have not had many new listings on Etsy as the one offs we have made have sold on our FB page .

We have a new Prep Counter in perspex. 1:12th . This can be modified to fit your kitchen scene. The red and black was made for a customer. However we have a good range of colours available.

So where to next. Cleveland Miniature Fair at Locomotion Shildon. This is free entry and you should have no trouble getting hubby there as it is in the National Railway Museum. Don’t know why I put ‘Hubby’ as I love looking at all the Steam Locos too. Don’t forget to click on the blue link.

We will be taking our usual Puffin Design kits , perspex furniture and fittings and one offs. Also with Crab Pot Models we will be taking lots of small items, pre-loved bargains, DIY ect.

Do come and say hello we will be just by the doors as last year.

A week of Commissions

Been super busy this week with commissions. Rain has stopped play on the car boot so I thought I would show a few pictures here.  First off the production line was the sun railings and stair case. Took some working out but even I was impressed when in place.  heike railings

I have been working on some mice furniture and a shabby chic range for a trade customer. Sneak peek in bare wood but the the work she does on them is fantastic so it is a pleasure to make the basics for her.

I have also painted up the Macintosh chairs ready to show at York Dolls House Fair . Don’t look at the seat’s upholstery isn’t my forte.

Well today I had better complete our Etsy orders for our most popular lines, the clear display cabinets and small bread rack.

Love miniatures and love the fact that other people seem to love our miniatures too.

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