Is it Christmas soon?

That is when my next planned day off is.

After the Pudsey Show we have been so busy. We keep making lists but every time we cross something off we have to add 2. So what is it that is keeping us occupied? Orders for Spain and America is one of them. Most of the Americans like their items made up as opposed to kits.

Working on the new price increases. With the cost of raw materials shooting up we have had review all our prices. We have not put them up in 3 years and have had a bit of a shock as to how little our mark up was. It is difficult adding a percentage increase as some items will stand the increase and some won’t. Do we take those items off our catalogue? Where can we add value for our customers? It is a minefield that has to be gone through.

We have also had an addition to our family with a Grandson Frederick . Only seen him once in the 3 weeks he has been born so that is a priority.

Also we have needed to stock our Etsy Shop with handmade Christmas Box, Cake Cabinet, Flowers and Christmas Decs in Real size.

We will be at Bempton Village Hall on Sunday 19th . This will give us chance to show our ‘non mini’ items for Christmas.

Hope we will see some of you there.

Right back to work …


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