SALE making way for new products

We launched a sale on our Facebook Page to clear some of the kits and made up display items from our regular range. The kits will still be available through Etsy but we are making room for new items for the shows and to reflect our continuing additions .

We are also offering a ‘made up’ service on our kits. These again will be available on the Etsy shop. Not everyone wants to spend time making kits up .

Commissions are increasing as well. If there is anything you want making to ‘fit’ or that you can not find on general listings, let us know and we can price it for you and work with you to design exactly what you want.

pew21 These started as a commission and are now available in kit form, made up and in 2 sizes.

In the design stage at the moment are a smaller chiller cabinet , Larger menu boards, Art Deco Mirrors, Mackintosh Table to match the chairs and shop fitments. Is there anything you would like to see in the range. Please let me know.

So we have until Leeds Dolls House Fair at Pudsey to get the new displays sorted. With everything happening I bet that comes around very quickly.



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